Directory layout

This chapter gives an overview of all the folders and files in a running Change Log Daemon system.

The list below lists directories and files created by a default setup. Any configuration changes might change the location of files.

Additional files and folders might be created by the agents. These will not be listed below.


Java class files that will be added to the beginning of the classpath when the Change Log Daemon is started


The configuration layer. This directory will normally contain two files, Daemon.properites and Agent.properites. See Configuration reference for an overview of all the available configuration options.

If these files are not present, the Change Log Daemon will not start.


Documenting on how to install and configure Change Log Daemon


Example configuration


Jar files that will be included in the classpath when the Change Log Daemon is started


The log files


Changelog entries that cannot be handled by the configured agent.


Changelog entries that could not be processed. The daemon will try to process them at a later stage.

Used by the Change Log Daemon to keep track of it's current state. If this file is deleted, the Change Log Daemon will start processing the changelog using the provided entry point.