DC-X Integration

This section provides a preliminary description of the DC-X extension for CUE. DC-X is a Digital Asset Management system offering simple but sophisticated functionality for the creation, management and storage of digital assets such as text, images, video and audio.

The main components of the CUE DC-X extension are:

  • A DC-X side panel in CUE that allows users to search DC-X for images, videos and so on, for import into CUE.

  • A related drop resolver (an HTTP service that reacts to objects dropped into CUE). This drop resolver listens for drops of DC-X resources, dragged either from the DC-X side panel or from a DC-X client running on the same device as CUE. On detecting such an event, the drop resolver imports the dropped resource(s) into CUE. For general information about drop resolvers, see Drop Resolvers.

  • A DC-X Wires side panel in CUE that allows users to browse and search for wire stories in DC-X, and import selected wire stories for use in CUE.

The extension includes three features that depend on the use of the CUE Zipline extension. These are:

  • Reporting back to DC-X on the use of DC-X assets in CUE

  • Copying back to DC-X assets that are uploaded to CUE

  • Import of wire stories from DC-X