Create new Dialog


The Create new dialog (shown above) is configurable: you can specify which content types are to be displayed as favorites in the top half of the dialog. There is space for a maximum of four favorites: all other options must be selected using the search field in the bottom half of the dialog.

To specify your required favourites:

  1. If necessary, switch user to root.

    $ sudo su
  2. Open /etc/escenic/cue-web-3.0/30-new-content-defaults.yml for editing. For example

    # nano /etc/escenic/cue-web-3.0/30-new-content-defaults.yml
  3. Find the newContentDefaults parameter:

    - type: "story"
        icon: "story"
      - type: "picture"
        icon: "picture"
      - type: "video"
        icon: "video"
      - type: "storyfolder"
        icon: "storyfolder"
      - type: "gallery"
        icon: "picture"
  4. Modify the list of content type/icon pairs to meet your requirements. If you use CUE to edit several publications that have different content types, then you may want to have more than four content types in the list even though a maximum of four can be displayed in the dialog. If a publication has no video content type, for example, then the Create new dialog will display story, picture, storyfolder and gallery from the above list.

    Note that if you create custom content type icons as described in Defining Custom Content Type Icons, then any icon settings made in the content-type resource will override icon settings made here.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Enter:

    # dpkg-reconfigure cue-web-3.0

    This reconfigures CUE with the changes you have made.