Smart Quotes

CUE has a "smart quotes" function that can automatically convert default "straight" single or double quotes to "curly" quotes of various kinds. Different languages (and different publishers) have different quotation mark conventions, so this function is configurable, allowing you to set up CUE to use the quotation marks you require.

Smart quoting is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. If necessary, switch user to root.

    $ sudo su
  2. Open /etc/escenic/cue-web-3.0/config.yml for editing. For example:

    # nano /etc/escenic/cue-web-3.0/config.yml
  3. Add a useSmartQuotes property, and set it to true:

    useSmartQuotes: true

    This enables the smart quotes function.

  4. Add a smartQuotes property with four child properties called openDoubleCurly, closeDoubleCurly, openSingleCurly and closeSingleCurly. Use these properties to specify the quotation marks you want to use. Straight double quotation marks are replaced by the characters you specify with openDoubleCurly and closeDoubleCurly, and straight single quotation marks are replaced by the characters you specify with openSingleCurly and closeSingleCurly. The following settings, for example:

    useSmartQuotes: true
      openDoubleCurly: "„"
      closeDoubleCurly: "”"
      openSingleCurly: "‘"
      closeSingleCurly: "’"

    will replace "quotation" with „quotation” and 'quotation' with ‘quotation’.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Enter:

    # dpkg-reconfigure cue-web-3.0

    This reconfigures CUE with the changes you have made.