Configuring cue-content-duplication-enrichment-service

To configure the cue-content-duplication-enrichment-service:

  1. Log in as root if necessary.

  2. Open /etc/escenic/content-duplication-service-3.12/content-duplication-service.yaml in an editor and add the following content:

      port: port-number
    ziplineEndpoint: http://ziplinehost/cue-print-zipline/escenic/convert/default
    endpoint: http://content-store-host/webservice/index.xml


    • port-number is your preferred port number (the default is 8082)

    • ziplinehost is the domain name of your CUE Zipline service host (see note below)

    • content-store-host is the domain name of your Content Store host (see note below

  3. You can also optionally add configurations like this for handling unmatched relations:

      - contentType: storyline
        relationGroup: relations

    Without such a section, when you duplicate a content item as a different content type, only relations that have a matching relation type are copied to the new content item. Specifying unmatchedRelationsMapping allows you prevent these unmatched relations being lost. For each target content type, you can specify a relation group to which unmatched relations can be copied.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the service as follows:

    # /etc/init.d/content-duplication-service restart

Note: The ziplineEndpoint property is only required if you need the duplication service to support the conversion of classic rich text-based stories to storyline containers, since this functionality is dependent on CUE Zipline.

You also need to configure CUE to access the duplication service. To do this:

  1. Create a file called /etc/escenic/cue-web/content-duplication-service.yml, open it in an editor and add the following content:

      - name: "Duplicate Service"
        href: "http://myhost:port-number/contentDuplicationService"
        title: "Duplicate Service"
          - name: "on-duplicate"
            properties: {}
      - "http://myhost:port-number/"
      - name: "duplicate-service"
        title: "Duplicate"
        trigger: "on-duplicate"
      - name: "duplicate-as-service"
        title: "Duplicate as ..."
        trigger: "on-duplicate"


    • myhost is your CUE host's domain name

    • port-number is the same port number you specified in the duplication service configuration file

  2. Save the configuration file.

  3. Apply your configuration changes by entering:

    # dpkg-reconfigure cue-web-3.12

You should now be able to duplicate content items using the Duplicate and Duplicate as context menu options in CUE.