Disabling Search-As-You-Type

By default, the CUE search function starts searching as soon as you start typing. Every character you type starts a new, more tightly specified search. In most cases, this is the most efficient way to execute searches: you will often see the result you are looking for before you have completed typing the search term in your head. However, for some organizations with very large databases, this method of searching may actually prove too demanding, and cause performance issues. It is therefore possible to disable it.

To disable the search-as-you-type feature, add the following property setting to one of your configuration files:

searchAsYouType: false

In order for the search-as-you-type feature to work, CUE adds wildcards to the search terms you enter. When you disable it, these wild cards are no longer added. Search will therefore return different (narrower) result sets with search-as-you-type disabled than it does when the feature is enabled.