Environment Visualization

Most CUE installations have multiple environments: a production environment, a test environment and a staging environment. Many CUE users will only ever work in the production environment, but others (developers, testers, maintenance staff and so on) may frequently switch between environments. For such users, it is very important to keep track of which system they are working in: much greater care is needed when working in a production environment that when working in a test environment.

It is therefore possible to set a couple of environment properties when configuring CUE to clearly visualize which environment this instance is running in. Adding the following to one of your configuration files, for example:

  name: "Test"
  color: "yellow"

will cause CUE's menu bar to be displayed with a yellow background and will also display the name "Test" in the menu bar. This makes it a lot easier for users to distinguish the CUE instances from one another.

You can use any valid CSS color specification when setting the color property.