Welcome to CUE, Stibo DX's new browser-based application for newsroom staff! CUE is now CUE's primary interface for all newsroom staff, and will eventually completely replace Content Studio. CUE is a joint CCI-Stibo DX project and is capable of acting as an interface to CCI Newsgate systems as well as CUE systems, so for newsrooms that use both CCI Newsgate and CUE, it provides a highly productive integrated interface to both systems.

You can use CUE to:

  • Create and edit content

  • Upload images and other binary content

  • Insert in-line images into content items

  • Drag and drop / cut and paste content from external systems such as Microsoft Word, Excel, browsers etc.

  • Add relations to content items

  • Edit sections

  • Edit section pages

  • Desk content items on section pages

  • Tag content items

  • Add content items to sections

  • Edit lists and inboxes

  • Publish content items

  • etc...

CUE can in addition easily be extended with custom functionality to meet special workflow requirements, make use of external services and integrate with existing in-house systems. For more about this, see Extending CUE.

For information about using CUE with CCI Newsgate, please see "CUE-related CCI NewsGate Functionality for CUE 2.5", which you will find at (log in using your CCI Customer Portal credentials).