Event Listeners

An event listener is a Java object that listens for Content Store events and responds to them. Events in this context are messages that are broadcast by the Content Store whenever certain things occur. An event is broadcast, for example, whenever a CUE object is created or modified. You can use event listeners to extend and customize the Content Store in various ways. You might, for example, create an event listener that listens for the creation of new content items and automatically exports the newly-created content items to an external system.

A CUE event is an object of the class neo.xredsys.api.IOEvent. An IOEvent object has a type property that indicates what kind of event it represents. An event generated when an object is created has a type of OBJECT_CREATED, for example. An IOEvent object also has a number of other properties that are used to hold information about the event that has occurred. An event listener can therefore interrogate an event for the information it needs to respond to the event.