Packaging The Processor

The processor class and all the properties files that configure it must be correctly packaged in a JAR file before you can deploy the processor. To package it you must copy the files into a directory structure that matches the package name of your processor class and the package naming conventions required by the Content Store's plugin architecture.

For the example in the previous section, you need to create the following structure:

| +-servlet
|   +-plugin-config
|     +-com
|       +-escenic
|       | +-servlet
|       |
|       +-mycompany
|         +-mysterious

Once you have created the structure and you are sure that:

  • The CUE parts of it match the structure above

  • Your own parts of the structure match the package name you have used

pack it in a JAR file. (To do this, use an archiving utility that is capable of creating JAR files.)