Installation Procedure

This chapter contains step-by-step instructions for installing the Content Store on a single host computer or on a cluster of several host computers. The instructions use the host names listed in Identifying Host Machines to indicate where you should carry out various steps. If some of your hosts are "multi-purpose" (if for example, your database server is installed on the same host as your editorial Content Store installation), then carry out all appropriate steps on that machine (for example, all database-host steps and all editorial-host steps).

Some of the steps are not required for single-host deployment. These steps are clearly marked.

The following placeholders are used in paths specified in the instructions:

Placeholder Path





There are a number of preparatory tasks that you need to carry out, described in Preparation. The main installation procedure is described in Installation. Post-installation tasks (assembling and deploying an EAR file containing the supplied CUE web applications, checking that everything is installed correctly and so on) are described in Finishing Up.