Update Service Specification

An CUE Update Service is a web application that meets the following requirements:

  • The service must accept HTTP POST requests containing VDF Payload documents.

  • On receipt of a POST request containing a VDF Payload document, the service must return a modified version of the received document. The returned document must also be a valid VDF Payload document.

The VDF format specification includes a VDF Model format that can be used to define the structure of a VDF Payload document. Content Studio does not, however, currently provide update services with VDF model documents, so an update service must encapsulate some knowledge about the structure of the VDF payloads it is to deal with. Since the VDF payload documents represent CUE content items, such information can be obtained, if needed, from publication content-type resources.

The only formal requirement regarding the data returned by an update service, is that it must be a valid VDF payload document. In practice, however, the only changes that will have any effect in Content Studio are the addition of vdf:annotation elements to vdf:field elements in the submitted document. The annotation attributes supported by Content Studio (and their effect) are described below.