Accessing Web Studio

In order to use Web Studio you must have a login with publication administrator rights or section administrator rights (in which case you will only have access to Web Studio's section administration functions). When a publication is first created, a default administrator login is created for the publication. This user has the standard user name:


where publication is the name of the new publication. The default administrator's password is specified by the publication creator (see New publications).

The default administrator has full access rights to the publication, and can access all Web Studio functions. This means that this user can create other users and grant them access to the publication. Most users are likely to be granted low levels of access allowing them to edit publication content, but it is possible to grant section administrator rights and full publication administrator rights to other users. For detailed information about Web Studio's user administration functions, see User Administration.

Assuming that you know an administrator user name and password for a publication, then, you can access Web Studio by starting a browser and pointing it to:


where your-server is the domain name or IP address of the server on which the Content Store is running. This should display a login page. Enter your administrator user name and password, and the Web Studio application should then be displayed.


The menu bar at the top contains two main options:


This option displays the Web Studio home page, which provides access to publication administration functions. All the functions accessed from this page are described in Publication Administration.


This option displays the Web Studio Sections page, which provides access to section administration functions. All the functions accessed from this page are described in Section Administration.

Note that the options made available to you in Web Studio depend upon your access rights. If you have logged in as a user that has not been granted full administrator access rights, then you may not have access to all the options described in this manual. If you do not have access to an option, then it is not displayed in the user interface.