Import Content

This page contains an import form that you can use to import content from CUE syndication format files. This is not the usual way to import content to a publication, but it can be useful for test purposes. For general information about importing content to CUE publications, the CUE syndication format and how to set up a production-quality import service, see the CUE Content Store Syndication Referencee

The import form contains the following fields:

File to import

Enter the absolute path of the syndication file to be imported, for example:


The syndication file must be uploaded to a folder on the server, and you must specify the absolute path.

Force wait until an import resource is available

Check this option if you are starting many large import jobs and want to make sure that they do not all run in parallel and cause performance problems on the server. The import jobs you specify will then be queued if necessary, and will not be started until sufficient resources are available.

When you have filled in these fields, click on Import. A short report on the progress of the import is displayed, and if the import process generates any messages, you can view them by clicking on the See messages link.