The Summary page displays a list of all the sections in the publication containing summary information about them. It also allows you to make bulk changes to the state, section template and content item template properties of of many sections at once.

To change section states, for example:

  1. Check boxes in the State column for the elements you are interested in.

  2. Select the required target state in the pull-down field at the bottom of the State column.

  3. Click on Save. (This closes the Summary page as well as saving your changes.)

You can make changes to section templates by doing the same thing in the SecTempl column, or to content item templates by doing the same thing in the ArtTempl column.

The section names on the left of the Summary page are indented to show the section tree structure, and are also links. Clicking on one of these links displays the Section Properties page for the selected section (see Section Properties).

To return to the previous page either use the browser Back button or click on Save (even if you have made no changes).