A content item can be related to a number of other content items. A story, for example, might have relations to:

  • Images to be displayed with the article

  • An image to be displayed with the article summary on section pages

  • Other articles on the same subject, to be displayed as a list of links

  • Related media objects, such as audio and video files

  • Links to resources such as external web pages

Relations can be handled in two different ways in CUE:

  • As structured relations defined in the content-type resource using the relation-type element.

  • As inline relations in stories, where related content items are dropped directly in the text flow of a story. In-line relations are supported by both legacy stories based on rich text fields and native CUE stories based on story element types and storyline templates.

This section covers the use of structured relations based on use of the relation-type element. Structured relations may be used less in new publications that make use of native CUE stories, since you can use story element types to define richly structured relation story elements. It is nevertheless expected that the relation-type element will continue to be used for some kinds of relations.