Schedule Fields

A schedule field is a specialized date/time field that contains a schedule start and end date, an event start and end time and an optional set of recurrence rules. Together, they define a sequence of date/time values. Schedule fields are typically used in articles describing events such as concerts, meetings etc.

A schedule field is defined as follows:

<field name="when" type="schedule">

A schedule is defined by:

  • A schedule start date

  • Either a schedule end date or a specified number of occurrences

  • An event start and end time

  • A recurrence specification (daily, weekly on Fridays, etc.)

When a content item containing a schedule field is stored, all of the event occurrences defined by the schedule are indexed, and can be searched by their start date. You can search for a list of content items contain scheduled events that start within a certain start date range.

You can limit the maximum number of occurrences users are allowed to specify by setting the maxOccurrences property in /com/escenic/schedule/ file in one of you installation's configuration layers. If you do not specify this, then a default occurrence limit of 100 is used. For information about configuration layers, see Configuring The Content Engine.