Controlling Content Item URLs

By default, the URL assigned to a published content item is generated from the content item's id, prefixed by the string article and followed by the suffix .ece - for example:


You can, however, replace these with more informative (or "pretty") URLs by adding url elements to your publication's content-type elements. This element allows you to specify a template from which more meaningful or "pretty" URLs are generated. The template is composed from any text you want, plus a set of standard place-holders representing parts of a content item's publication date ({dd}, {MM}, {YY}), the content of selected content item fields (typically the title field) and so on.

The url element must be specified as the child of a content-type element, and determines the URLs assigned to content items of thahrt type. It affects:

  • Newly-created content items belonging to its parent content-type.

  • Any existing content items belonging to its parent content-type that are updated after the addition of the url element. The original URL of an updated content item is retained as an alternative URL, and attempts to access the original URL are redirected to the new URL (the Content Store returns an HTTP 301 Moved Permanently response).

For detailed information and examples, see here.