The interface-hints Namespace

You have probably noticed that the resource file examples in The content-type Resource and The layout-group Resource contain some elements with the prefix ui:. These elements are user interface hints, and the ui: prefix identifies them as belonging to the namespace.

If you look at the syntax diagrams for the content-type and content-type resources you will see that many of them include the placeholder ANY-FOREIGN-ELEMENT. This placeholder is used to indicate that an element can contain elements from any foreign namespace, but is primarily intended to indicate that you can insert elements from the interface-hints namespace.

Use of the interface-hints elements is entirely optional - you can create a working content-type or layout-group resource without using them. By using them, however, you can create a more user-friendly interface for your publication in CUE.

The following sections discuss the use of some of the most frequently used interface-hints elements. For full details about all elements in this namespace, see interface-hints.