Defining Section Page Layouts

A section page in the CUE publication model is a "front page" for a publication section: it displays links and teasers to the most recent/interesting/relevant content in the section. Links and teasers can be placed on a section page in two different ways: they can be automatically selected by means of queries defined in the presentation layer, or they can be manually placed (or desked) on the section pages by editorial staff.

The section page layouts defined in the layout-group resource define the structure displayed in CUE to support manual placement of teasers on section pages. This means that if your publication front end is designed to manage all selection and placement of content automatically, then you don't need to worry about the layout-group resource at all, as it will not be used. Most organizations want to exercise some manual control over the placement of content on their publications' section pages, however, so you will most likely need to edit your layout-group resource.