Use of the image-version resource is deprecated. You should use representation elements in the content-type resource instead, where possible. (In other words, you should only use image-version if you require functionality that cannot be provided using representation elements.)

The image-versions schema defines the content of the Escenic image-version publication resource. The purpose of the image-version resource is to define the image versions that are to be used in a publication. It is often the case that several versions of images are required for use in different contexts: thumbnails in teasers and one or more larger versions in articles, for example.

The image-versions contains an originalVersion element that defines the labels or names used to identify the original versions of images, plus a number of version elements defining the additional versions that are required. Each version element defines the labels or names used to identify the version plus other attributes such as size and format.

Namespace URI

The namespace URI of the image-versions schema is

Root Element

The root of an image-versions file must be an imageDef element.