This manual contains reference material describing the CUE publication resources. The publication resources are text files containing important system configuration information that determines the structure and other characteristics of a CUE publication. Publication resources are by convention stored in the following location in a publication JAR file:


There are four publication-specific resources:


An XML file that defines the types of content items allowed in a publication.


An XML file that defines the image versions available for use in a publication.


An XML file that defines the article, section and element templates available to the editors/writers of a publication and the logical structure of the sections in a publication.


A plain text file containing property settings that define miscellaneous aspects of the Content Store's behavior.

Publications also have access to a set of shared publication resources:

story element types

XML files defining the block level elements of which stories are composed – elements such as headline, lead text, paragraph, image, pull quote and so on. Each file contains the definition of one story element type. These resources are created using the same XML elements as the content-type resource

storyline templates

XML files defining sets of story element types from which stories may be composed. A story is based on a storyline template, which determines what story element types it may contain. These resources are created using elements from the storyline-template namespace.

In order for changes to a publication resource to take effect, the resource file must be uploaded to the Content Store using the web administration interface. For a description of how to do this, see Creating/Updating Publication Resources.

In addition to the resources listed above, this manual also contains a description of the XML elements in the interface-hints namespace. These elements can optionally be inserted at various points in the XML resource files in order to:

  • Provide a richer, more user-friendly interface in CUE.

  • Add extra (mostly presentation-related) information that can be accessed and used by your publication's template code.