The layout-group schema defines the structure of the allowed CUE layout-group publication resource. The purpose of the layout-group resource is to define a set of layouts for use on CUE section pages. These layouts are composed of group and area elements, and include external references to content-types (defined in the content-type resource).

An area is a named location on a section page in which a sequence of teasers can be displayed. The actual size and location of an area is not specified in the layout-group resource. Physical layout is defined in the publication templates and the layout-group resource is only responsible for the logical structure of section pages.

Areas can contain group elements. A group element contains a series of one or more areas. These containment rules mean that you can use the group and area elements to create complex multi-column page structures (although the actual positioning of the columns is carried out by the publication templates).

group elements have a root attribute that specifies whether or not they can form the root element of a section page. A section page's layout is determined by assigning one of these "root" groups to it.

Namespace URI

The namespace URI of the layout-group schema is

Root Element

The root of a layout-group file must be a groups element.