Activity Monitors

The activity monitors table shows information about the throttles used to limit the load on various parts of the Content Store. The table contains the following columns:

Component Name

The name of the component that controls this throttle. The name is also a link to the component's component browser page, where you can adjust the throttle settings if necessary. For information about the component browser, see Component Browser. For advice on throttle tuning, see Throttling. Note that any changes you make to throttle settings using the component browser are temporary and will be lost the next time the Content Store is restarted. To make permanent changes to a throttle's settings you must edit a .properties file in one of your configuration layers (see Configuring The Content Store).

Current usage

The number of requests currently being handled by this part of the Content Store.


The maximum number of concurrent requests allowed by the this throttle.


The part of the Content Store controlled by this throttle.