In order to reduce the load on the database, the Content Store maintains a number of internal caches. Objects and other items of information loaded from the database are cached in memory, and may in fact be cached in more than one of the caches. Once an item has been added to a cache, it is retained until:

The item is modified

Any item that is modified is automatically deleted from the cache.

The cache is full

The cache has a maximum size. When the cache reaches this maximum size, some items are deleted from the cache to make room for the new arrivals. The least-recently used items are deleted.

The cache is manually flushed

The caches can be manually flushed using escenic-admin. See Flushing Caches for details.

The server is shut down

Whenever the server is shut down or restarted, all caches are flushed.

A typical example of a cache configuration file, would look like this: