ResourceThrottle inherits properties from:

  • java.lang.Object

It also has the following properties of its own:

maximumConcurrent (read/write)

The maximum number of concurrent usages of a specific resource. This number decides how many simultaneous clients can use the resources at a time.

availableCapacity (read-only)

The number of free resources that this throttle attempts to govern. This number changes every time someone checks in a resource, or the maximumConcurrent value changes.

overloadMessage (read/write)

The message that clients can use when handling the case in which the server has been overloaded. The hard-coded default message is "Resources Exhausted".

activeResources (read-only)

A list of string representations of all active resources. If a resource has become unavailable for a prolonged period of time, this will show what the resource is being used for.

serviceRunning (read-only)

Whether or not the service is running. This flag is modified by doStartService and doStopService.

serviceEnabled (read/write)

Whether or not the service is enabled. If the service is disabled, no log of activity will be kept, and no attempts to use resources (checkout) will fail.