InitialBootstrapper inherits properties from:

  • java.lang.Object

It also has the following properties of its own:

secondsToWait (read/write)

The number of seconds that the InitialBootstrapper should wait before trying to load the publications. Note that this time should include the time it takes from Escenic components loading to the application server being ready and accepting requests. If this value is too low, then requests may be stopped by the server, and the component will fail. If this value is too high, then the startup time of Escenic might appear to be longer than nessecary. It is by default set to wait 60 seconds. It is better that this value is too high rather than too low.

timeoutSeconds (read/write)

The number of seconds to try retrieving a publication. By default, if a publication has not finished bootstrapped within 30 seconds, it will continue to the next publication.

threadCount (read/write)

the number of simultaneous threads to use when bootstrapping. Typically this should be set to the same number of processors

articlesToRetrieve (read/write)

The number of articles to retrieve from the front page. Typically, the default value of "1" is satisfactory. The bootstrapper will keep trying to retrieve articles until it successfully loads this number of articles from the front-page.

articlesToAttempt (read/write)

The number of articles to attempt to retrieve from the front page. Typically, the default value of "5" is satisfactory. This means that after 5 failed attempts it will stop trying to retrieve articles from the section in question, and move on to the next.

depth (read/write)

The default depth to try to probe when going throught the section tree. By default, a publication's top section along with its children are probed, i.e. the depth is set to 2. Setting this property has effect when the bootstrapOnStartup is set to the keyword true. This value can be overridden on a per-publication basis, by specifying a number in the bootstrapOnStartup feature.

failureThreshold (read/write)

The number of failures that are to be tolerated in a publication. By default, the bootstrapper will stop accessing a publication if it fails 5 sections.

token (read-only)

The value of the token that the initial bootstrapper will use as a query parameter when issuing the HTTP requests.

bootstrappedPublications (read-only)

A list of publications that were bootstrapped when the bootstrapper was run.

bootstrapped (read/write)

Wether or not all publications have been bootstrapped. This value may be set to true before or during bootstrapping, and any running bootstrap threads will stop their work. This property must be false in order for bootstrapping to start. When bootstrapping is finished, this property is automatically set to true. By default, this property is false upon startup, and after bootstrapping, will be true.

threadRunning (read-only)

true if any bootstrapping is happening right now, false otherwise. Simply an indicator of wether or not the bootstrapper is active.