Component Browser

This option displays the CUE component browser. The component browser is a web application that you can use to:

  • View current configuration parameter settings of the Content Store, its associated web applications and publications.

  • Find out where the current configuration parameter settings come from (that is, which particular configuration files they are set in).

  • Temporarily modify configuration parameter settings.

Content Store components are uniquely identified by fully qualified names consisting of a path and a name. The Content Store's article list cache component, for example, has the following fully qualified name: /neo/io/content/cache/ArticleListCache. The components, in other words, are effectively organized in a tree structure. The component browser lets you navigate this tree structure and view the properties of Content Store components.

To view the properties of the ArticleListCache component, for example, you would need to click on Component browser > neo > io > content > cache > ArticleListCache. A page of information about the ArticleListCache component is then displayed. It is divided into three sections: Properties, Methods and Service Information.