Update Resources

The structure and characteristics of a CUE publication are defined in a set of files that are collectively referred to as publication resources. When a publication is created, a set of publication resources must be uploaded to the Content Store as a basis for the publication. Changes to an existing publication may often require these publication resources to be modified. The Update resources option allows publication resources to be modified by overwriting them with new versions.

For detailed information about the various publication resources, see the CUE Content Store Resource Reference.

The usual procedure for updating publication resources is:

  1. Prepare the updated resources and place them in a known location on your local machine ready for upload.

  2. On the escenic-admin List publications page, select all the publications that are to be updated (you may have several publications based on the same resource set).

  3. Select Update resources. A page containing the message "You have to upload a resources first!" is usually displayed.

  4. Click on upload. The Upload resources page is then displayed (see Upload Resources).

  5. Select the correct resource type for the resource you intend to upload.

  6. Click on Browse... and locate the resource you intend to upload.

  7. Click on Upload.

  8. If the resource is successfully uploaded and validated, click on List publications.

  9. Repeat steps 2 and 3. This time, since you have now uploaded a resource, the "You have to upload a resources first!" message is not displayed. Instead, the resource(s) you have uploaded and the publications you have selected for update are listed. To update the listed publications, click Confirm.