Configuring Prefilters

A prefilter is a Java class that can read a binary object and generate a corresponding XML file containing sufficient information to enable the object to be imported to a publication.

Only one standard prefilter is supplied with the Content Store:


This filter makes it possible to easily import JPEG images to CUE publications without needing to explicitly create syndication files for them, as long as the JPEG files contain IPTC metadata. The filter reads JPEG files and generates XML files containing the metadata it finds. These XML metadata files can then be converted to corresponding syndication files by a suitable filter (see Configuring Filters for more information about this).

You can make your own prefilters by writing Java classes that implement the interface com.escenic.syndication.xml.filter.StreamFilter. For more information about this, see Making a Custom PreFilter.

To configure a prefilter you must create a .properties file for it. It needs to contain only one line, specifying the fully-qualified name of the required prefilter class.