The escenic-syndication schema defines the Escenic syndication format. The Escenic syndication format is an open XML-based data format intended to simplify the exchange of content between the Escenic Content Engine and other systems. All content exported from Escenic Content Engine is exported to the Escenic syndication format, and the Content Engine can import any content that is presented in the form of a valid syndication format file. The syndication format is well-defined, so you can quite easily convert content between the syndication format and other XML-based formats using XSLT or similar tools.

You can use the syndication format import/export all types of content and metadata stored in an Escenic system. Note, however, that binary data is not included directly in syndication files: images, audio and video are imported from/exported to binary files, and are simply referenced from the syndication file.

Namespace URI

The namespace URI of the escenic-syndication schema is

Root Element

The root of an escenic-syndication file must be an escenic element.