The Export Service

To enable continuous export of content from a CUE publication, you must create an export task. An export task defines how content items and sections are to be exported from a single publication. You must therefore create at least one export task for each publication that you want to export from. You may find it useful to create more than one task per publication. You might, for example, need separate tasks for exporting content to different target formats.

Sections and content items are always exported as individual XML files called either sectionid.xml or articleid.xml, where id is the internal ID of the exported section or content item. By default, the exported files are output in CUE syndication format. You can, however, set up an export task to apply an XSL transformation to the output data stream, in order to convert the exported items to a different format.

The export service is intended to support continuous export of a publication's content. Content items, sections and so on are monitored, and exported every time they are modified. If you just want to carry out a one-time export of a whole publication or part of a publication, then you should use the escenic-admin web application's Export a Publication option (see Export Publication Content).