The copyback property contains configuration parameters for the CUE Zipline copy-back feature that allows CUE Print users to copy small changes and additions made to packages back to their source print storylines (see CUE Print to Content Store). The configurations specified here only affect the copy-back feature's handling of asset metadata. When a new asset such as an image is added to a package, or an existing asset is changed in some way and the CUE Print user chooses to copy the change back to CUE then the copyback property determines what metadata is copied back, and where it is copied to.

  # Picture content fields
    - name: title
      - meta: filename
    - name: caption
      - attribute: CaptionText
      - attribute: IIM_Caption
    - name: byline
      - attribute: CaptionByline
      - attribute: IIM_Byline
    - name: credit
      - attribute: CaptionCredit
      - attribute: IIM_Credit

copyback contains a fields property, an array in which each element defines a mapping between a Content Store field and the CUE Print attributes that can be used to fill it. Each element contains the following properties:

name (required)

The name of a content item field. If the target content item has a field with this name, then value is used to set it.

value (required)

An array of possible sources in the CUE Print asset from which the name field can be filled. The sources are tried in order, and the first one that contains a value is used. Two types of source are possible:

attribute (required)

The name of a CUE Print attribute.

meta (required)

An item of metadata extracted from the asset itself (an image file for example). Currently the only value that may be specified here is filename. It means the name of the asset file (name only, no path).