The monitoring property is used to configure the monitoring endpoint.

default_range (optional)

Defines the default time period for monitoring reports. This default is used for:

  • On-demand reports, where the submitted request does not include a period parameter (see Requesting a Report).

  • Automated reports written to the CUE Zipline log file.

You may specify a single time period only, specified in either hours ("24h"), minutes ("30m"), or seconds ("60s").

If no default_range and no period request parameter is specified, then the internal default time of 15 minutes is used.

log_interval (optional)

Defines the interval between the automatically generated status reports that are written to the CUE Zipline log file. The interval can be specified in in either hours ("24h"), minutes ("30m"), or seconds ("60s"). You can disable the automatic generation of status reports by entering "none".

If not specified then it is set to the value of the ZL_MONITORING_LOG_INTERVAL environment variable. If ZL_MONITORING_LOG_INTERVAL is not set, then automatic reports are generated every 15 minutes.