server contains settings for CUE Zipline's built-in web server. The server should be configured to only accept requests from appropriate sources.

    port: 12791
    context-path: /cue-print-zipline
        - https?://localhost(:[0-9]+)?
        - https?://([^.]+\.)*[0-9]+)?

The individual parameters should be set as follows:

address (optional, default:

The IP address of the network interface on which the server is to listen. For production purposes It should usually be set either to the address of a network interface or

port (optional, default: 12791)

The port on which the server is to listen.

context-path (required)

The name of the CUE Zipline service (the first part of the service URL after the host name and port). By convention it should be set to /cue-print-zipline.

accepted-origins (required)

An array of regular expressions defining the sources from which the server will accept requests. The list should usually be limited to the local host and the CUE (editor)'s domain (needed to support CUE Zipline's support for print previews in CUE).


See converters.