Upload Resources

This page is displayed both when updating publication resources using the Update resources option (see Update Resources) and when creating new publications using the New publications option (see New publications).

To upload resources using this page you must:

  1. Specify the type of resource you are going to upload by selecting one of the Type of resource options

  2. Either enter the path of the resource to be uploaded in the File to upload field or else click on the Browse... button and locate the resource using the displayed file browser dialog.

  3. Click on Upload.

The resource type options are:

Publication definition

A publication WAR file is to be uploaded. A publication WAR file contains all the resources needed to define a CUE publication. It will also usually contain the JSP templates defining the web application that drives the publication, and may contain syndication files with content to be imported into the publication. This is the option you usually choose when creating a new publication (although you can also use it when updating existing publications). It is a convenient means of importing all the resources in one go. The JSP templates, which are not required for the purpose of creating new publication or updating resources are simply ignored.

Content type definitions

A content-type resource is to be uploaded. This is an XML file defining all the content types a publication may contain.

Feature definitions

A feature resource is to be uploaded. This is a plain text file containing property settings that set various Content Store features for a publication.

Image version definitions

An image-versions resource is to be uploaded. This is an XML file defining all the different versions of images that a publication may contain.

Layout definitions

Not in use.

Layout group definitions

A layout-group resource is to be uploaded. This is an XML file defining the layouts to be used on a publication section pages.

Content definitions

A syndication file is to be uploaded, containing content to be imported to the publication. For general information about syndication files, see the CUE Content Store Syndication Reference.

Other type of resource

Select this option if you want to upload any other resource types (for example, a plug-in resource type). You must then enter a string identifying the resource type in the Please specify field.

The Upload option not only uploads the specified resources, it also validates them. After the upload operation, the page is redisplayed, this time with an Available Resources section that contains a list of currently uploaded resources showing their validation status. Any resource that fails to validate is marked Not valid, and followed by an error message providing some indication of what the problem is. If this happens, correct the error and upload a new version of the resource.

If you want to upload several resources you can either package them in a publication WAR file and upload that or else select the Upload option several times to upload them individually.

If you upload a complete set of publication resources that is sufficient to create a publication, then a Create Publication section appears on the page, containing the message "You now have enough resources to create a publication". To create a publication from these resources, click on the create a publication link.