Creating your own ExportWriter

If you need to export content directly to a format other than CUE syndication format, you can do so by writing your own ExportWriter implementation. You might, for example want to be able to export content directly to a format that can be read by another vendor's web service.

To do this you need to:

  1. Create a component that implements the com.escenic.syndication.xml.ExportWriter interface.

  2. Create an export task configuration file in which the exportWriter property points to your new component.

The interface you need to implement looks like this:

package com.escenic.syndication.xml;

import neo.xredsys.api.IOObject;

public interface ExportWriter {

    * Write the object using the given export configuration.
    * This method should only be called once per stream.
    * @param pObject the object to export
    * @param pConfiguration the configuration to use.
  void writeObject(final IOObject pObject, final ExportConfiguration pConfiguration);

You can implement the above interface directly if you wish, but you are recommended to use the abstract class com.escenic.syndication.xml.AbstractExportWriter.