Making XSL Transformations

The source files to be imported by an import task are frequently XML files that have been exported from some external system. It is commonly the case, therefore that you need to convert input files from the export format of a foreign system to CUE syndication format before it can be imported. It may also be the case that you need to generate syndication format files from XML files output by a prefilter.

Both of these cases can be solved by writing an XSL transformation or a series of XSL transformations to be executed in a chain.

Note that IPTCStreamFilter is a generic filter: it simply outputs all the IPTC attributes it finds in a JPEG file as well-formed XML. The actual IPTC attributes found in JPEG files are very variable, as is the way in which the attributes are used. iptc.xsl, however, is not generic, and will only work for JPEG that contain a specific set of IPTC attributes. In order to be used for production purposes it must be modified to handle the specific types of IPTC data occurring in the production environment.