Requesting a Report

To retrieve a report from CUE Zipline:

  1. Send an initial GET request to CUE Zipline's root endpoint:

    curl http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/

    CUE Zipline will respond by returning an XML discovery document containing the URLs of its various endpoints, including the the monitoring endpoint. The monitoring endpoint can be identified by the relation type monitoring:

    <endpoint xmlns=""
          xml:base="http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/" ...>
        <link rel="monitoring" href="monitoring"/>
  2. Retrieve the monitoring endpoint URL fragment from the link element's href attribute and construct a new URL (http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/monitoring in this case):

  3. Submit a new request to the monitoring endpoint:

    curl http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/monitoring

    CUE Zipline will then return a report on its recent activities.

By default, the report will contain information about CUE Zipline's activity during the previous 15 minutes. You can, however modify the reporting period in two ways:

  • You can set a different default reporting period using the default_range configuration parameter (see monitoring).

  • You can specify the required reporting period for an individual request by appending a period parameter to it:

    curl http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/monitoring?period=24h

You can specify the reporting period in either hours (24h), minutes (30m) or seconds (30s). The period always represents the time immediately before the request was submitted: the last 24 hours, 30 minutes or 30 seconds. You can, if you wish request reporting for multiple periods in a single request:

curl http://localhost:12791/cue-print-zipline/monitoring?period=24h,30m,30s

The specified periods must be separated by commas.