Section Administration

To display the section administration page, click on SECTIONS in the menu bar. You should then see the following:


The upper half of the form contains fields that you can use to search for specific sections, and below that is an expandable tree showing the publication's section hierarchy.

The search fields are:

Look up section by name

Enter the name of the section you are looking for, or the first few characters of its name. You can search for all sections by leaving the field empty.

Note that if you specify a value in the ID field, then this field is ignored.


If you know the ID of the section you are looking for, you can enter it in this field. The Look up section by name field is then ignored.

Include hidden sections

Check this option if you want to search for hidden sections.


Click on this button to execute the search currently defined in the search fields. The results are displayed below.

Clear search

Click on this link to clear the search fields.

The bottom half of the form shows a tree view of the section hierarchy (see Tree View) unless you execute a search; if you execute a search, then the tree is replaced by a list of the sections returned by the search (see Search Results.